Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Micah, Janelle, Peter and Keziah | Family Photos

This was my second mini session on Saturday; another high energy group of adorable kids! I have actually known Stephani (aka the mom) my whole life, from Sunday school to running cross country together in high school! We met up at Derby Reach and there were tons of leaves. I wish the leaves could stay around a whole lot longer, they are so beautiful! Getting four young kids to look at the camera was a bit difficult, but you know what, a kid or two looking away is a whole lot more natural looking, right?! You'll see more than one picture of them on the fence because when they are sitting on the fence, they can't run away:) Here's a taste of what we got from our half hour together...
{Two year old Keziah is such a sweet little girl!}

{Peter wanted me to take a picture of the mole hill with a leaf on it...there you go Peter!}

{Micah had fun playing soccer with dad!}

{I love everyone just being themselves in the last picture. There was a lot of laughter throughout, I think you can tell! Hope you like them:)}

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kelly ens said...

Great photos, Louise! Stephani looks great - it's been years since i saw her last. the kids are just GORGEOUS!!!