Monday, November 22, 2010

Dayla, Deanna & Daryl | Family Photos

This beautiful family came to get some studio shots of their newest member; two week old Daryl. It was perfect timing using the studio as it was very cold and starting to snow out. Here are some pictures of the cute kids, and I should mention it was right during bedtime, didn't they do a great job?!
{Looks like a smile above, with big sister's kiss, doesn't it?}
{Yay, I got to use my newborn boy hat!!}
{I have some funny outtakes of Deanna, the younger girl, licking her baby brother:)}

Baby Daryl did such a great job. And seriously, a sleeping baby is such a sweet thing! It was great getting to know your family, maybe next time we'll have to get photos done outdoors so your girls can run around:)


Maria & Kris Thompson said...

Love the pics! Daryl is so cute, as are his older sisters. Congrats Donna and Dave.

Carol said...

SWEET - I love the photo of the oldest sister kissing her new baby brother (the one where it looks like the baby is smiling)

Lindsay said...

soo cute! I know you don't love shooting in the studio but these turned out really great!!

Ashley said...

Great pictures, Louise! Daryl is adorable!! His big sisters are pretty cute too. I love picture of Dayla kissing him. Congratulations Donna and Dave!!

Ashley said...

oh man and look at his lips in the one with the newborn hat! Cute!