Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chapman Family Photos

We had our own extended family photos this past weekend at Ellwood Park. Gary and I had less than an hour to do all of these as there was some trick or treating to be done! So, here are some pictures of Gary's side of the family, starting with his mom and dad...
{Gramma, grandpa and all the grandkids! I think this is the only picture where our oldest son, Kai, is actually looking at the camera.}
{Of course with these gorgeous leaves, you need a picture throwing them!}

{Ellwood Park has several great structures that work if it's raining you can see in the picture below, it was really raining when we got there!}
{The hardest part about doing your own extended family session...the group shot! You have to set it up, then plug in the receiver and then use the remote transmitter to get it. Doesn't allow for too much creativity...especially when we have two monkeys for sons:)}
{Another attempt at the full family shot below...}
{You have to compliment Pam on how great she looks in the picture above:) She, like many women, says she doesn't like having her picture taken. You look great Pam!!}
{All the girls. Aren't we lovely?}

{The sun was in the perfect spot for some backlit photos of the grandkids. I love this spot at Ellwood Park!}

{And another one, just without gramma and grandpa.}

{And, ending it all with grandma and grandpa again. I love fall family photos, I think we'll have to do it again next year!!}


kelly ens said...

wow...i have to say that with the time limit, the fact that you were photographing yourselves, and the pouring rain (at the beginning), this is pretty spectacular. couldn't tell any of those things.
but it gives me hope that i could do a session there on saturday when it's supposed to be raining... :)

Haley said...

Great shots! What a good looking family! My family photo experience is limited to me using my automatic camera trying to get a decent photo of only 2 little ones- this in itself is EXTREMELY difficult - out of many, many photos I only have a handful where they are both looking at the camera, and I don't think any when they are both looking and both smiling!! Good job!

Carol said...

I really like the last couple of Gary's parents. I do love those walking photos with a couple hand-in-hand, especially with fall leaves on the ground!