Monday, November 29, 2010

Andrew & Charis | Wedding Photos

Sweet, sweet couple. They were so laid back and easy going, even though the weather was a little less than friendly. These two had their very first date at Wendel's in Fort Langley, so it was only fitting that they had their wedding photos there too! Andrew and Charis met just over a year ago but Charis says that it feels like they've known each other their whole lives:) Okay, there's a lot of pictures to get to, so here we go. I met Charis at the hairdresser's house where it was packed full of her family and bridal party:)
{Her niece, Janae, was LOVING the whole process and was so excited about wearing her very own princess dress.}
{Do you see all the women on the stairwell? Once her hair and make up were done, it was off to her mother-in-laws to finish getting ready!}
{Charis getting into her dress was very amusing. It had to go over her head and it seemed like she was a little claustrophobic or maybe just afraid of wrecking her hair, I'm not sure! Regardless, it was funny:)}
{Lots of love for Charis!}

{Then, off to the ceremony!}

{What an adorable bunch of flower girls. They are their nieces and I believe they are all just about one month apart, besides the twins of course! There were a bunch of cheerios scattered throughout the wagon to keep them occupied and happy. The sweet little ring bearer did a great job pulling them down the aisle and fortunately did not gain too much momentum!}
{I love being at the back and catching the father/daughter moment before they walk down the aisle!}
{Two photographers, two perspectives.}

{Awesome moment with the exchange of rings...Charis actually dropped the ring and it bounced down the stairs! That definitely helped the two of them to relax:)}

{We went to Derby Reach to have some family photos done before the rain came and we made it just in time! We also managed to get a full wedding party photo before the kiddos needed to go have their naps:) Check out Charis with her newest niece, just 3 weeks old!}
{You can't even tell that they were freezing! We had a few minutes with just the couple before the family had all arrived so took the opportunity to get some shots there first.}

{Getting a nice honk of congratulations from the tug boat!}
{And then we went a few minutes down the road, to Fort Langley, for the remainder of their photos.}

{Where it all began....Wendel's. Then off to the community hall where the fall leaves were looking gorgeous!}

{At this point, it started raining so we went undercover for a bit...}

{While the rest of the wedding party warmed up at Wendel's, we went down to the dock area to get just a few more shots. They were such good sports in the rain!}

{And then it was off to the reception...}
{Gorgeous cake!}

{Congratulations Andrew and Charis! I hope you had an awesome honeymoon in Hawaii and we wish you all the best in all the years to come. Welcome to the neighbourhood, Charis:)


Lindsay said...

beautiful! I love all the kids they had in their wedding party. Extra cuteness :)

Carol said...

Great photos! The rain isn't so nice to be out in, but the wetness makes everything so vibrant - the leaves extra bright yellow, the grass extra green the bark on the trees extra black. Beautiful!

kelly ens said...

just a reminder: you two are fantastic at what you do. like, for reals.
all those little flower girls? ADORABLE!!!!

kyle and adrienne drost said...

Great shots - LOVE the flowergirls., cute going down the aisle!

...funny connection...I played vball at college with Charis - and her dad was my prof :)