Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mathias, Maisha, Keziah and Noemy | Family Photos

This weekend I tried something new; three sessions in one day. This was the middle session and it was so fun to do in between two engagement shoots. I am connected to this family in two ways. First off, when I went to Kenya back in 2004, the grandparents were my mentors who prepared me and then debriefed with me afterwards. We found out during that time that they were also Gary's uncle and aunt! Gary and I had just started dating (again) at that time. It's always fun to photograph family (Janelle, the mom, is Gary's cousin) and what a better way to get to know the kiddos better!
{Keziah-2, Mathias-6, Maisha-4. We met at Deas Island Regional Park which gave the kids a lot of room to run around!}
{Baby Noemy is just 6 months old and was pretty laid back the entire time. The kids did a great job.}

{They had the exact same waterproof blanket as me...something that appears to be a necessity these days with the consistently wet grass!}

{Babu (grandpa in swahili) and Cucu (grandma in Kikuyu) came along for some pictures too, and they were a great help with the kids! }
{After walking for about 5 minutes, Noemy fell asleep. So sweet! When she was woken up for more photos, she did so well!}

{It was great hanging out with you all and getting to know the kids a little better!}


Haley said...

Wow - I love these shots. I am in awe of your ability to get so many small children to look at the camera at the same time.

Carol said...

I always love the shots of families walking down a pathway in the woods!