Friday, October 22, 2010

Lyra & Logan | Family Photos

I'm so glad that the rescheduled day for family photos worked perfectly! This shoot was extra fun for me because Gary and I did it together. We rarely shoot together, except at weddings, so it was a nice change. We did family photos for Pam and Nolan about a year ago and look how their family has changed! Like last time, we went for a walk in a loop, and just took photos along the way...always a great idea with young kids!! Lyra and Logan are super cute and so I'll stop talking so you can see:)
{Logan is about 5 months old and super laid back.}
{Lyra is 2.5 years old and likes to do things on her own:) She is adorable!!}
{Pam and Nolan, aren't you guys cute?!}
{Below you can see Lyra's `gorgeous smile' (what she called it) and it cracked me up every time.}

{I just wanted to include a couple of out takes (with Pam and Nolan's permission:). I know people get worried that their kids will be crazy, well, all kids are a bit crazy. Don't worry, I'll capture their cuteness amongst the wildness!}
{I love Pam and Nolan being silly with Lyra's lack of desire to smile:)}

I'm glad we'll be making this an annual event, you guys are awesome. Can't wait to see Lyra's smile next year!!

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Ali said...

I like those and the outtakes are pretty funny!