Sunday, October 3, 2010

Leah & Nathan | Engagement Photos

A few days ago, I met Leah and Nathan along the Queensborough Perimeter Trail for their engagement session. I had never been there before and it's always fun to discover a new location, especially when it involves water, sunflowers and a beautiful fence beside an apple tree! Leah and Nathan will be getting married in April and we are looking forward to it! Leah is actually a cousin to Laura, whose wedding we did back in May. I always enjoy getting to know a couple by doing their engagement photos; both as individuals and as a couple. Okay, here we go!

{We just did a giant loop following this boardwalk to a park, it was perfect!}

{I love the long grass in the photo above...}
{Leah and Nathan have been dating for about two years and actually attended the same preschool when they were kids!}

{I love the idea of photos amongst the sunflowers...I wonder where they have a sunflower garden in my area?!}
{I hope you like the photos on the fence because Nathan got a huge sliver when getting up onto it. Hope your hand feels better, Nathan!!}

Leah and Nathan, it was great getting to know you two as a couple. I hope all the little details come together over the next few months. Thank you for introducing me to a fun new location!


Carol said...

Nice variety of settings for this engagement session! I normally prefer the "nature/country" settings, but I must say that one of favourite photos is the one on the railroad tracks with the overpass in the background!

kelly ens said...

great location - fantastic pictures!

Lauren Heinen said...

crazy, i'm related to her and had no idea she's getting married. nice photos louise!

Leah said...

Louise, we received our cd of pictures in the mail yesterday, we (Nathan and I, and everyone we have shown them to) are super happy with them! I'm looking forward to framing some.

Thanks again!

Eric said...

The pictures are very beautiful, and locations are well choosed.
Great pictures, congratulations to the photographer!