Monday, October 25, 2010

Kennedy | Birthday Girl

My oldest niece, Kennedy, turned thirteen a few months ago. For this momentous birthday, I gave her the gift of a photo shoot with friends. Just over a week ago, when the weather was PERFECT, I met Kennedy with eight of her close friends. They all came in fabulously colourful shirts and hoodies. I know I've said that I love purple in photos, and I still really do, but I'm also loving the green! They had a bunch of different ideas and since I haven't been thirteen for...a while... it was great that they knew what they wanted:) I got individual shots of each girl, then Kennedy with each girl, and then the rest were pretty much all group shots. Enjoy!!
{The two girls just above are actually both of my nieces; Delaney and Kennedy. Delaney also just turned thirteen so I think that a photoshoot is in her near future as well:) I think it's so great that they are so close in age and that we all live close by. Being that Kennedy lives closer to us, she is also our babysitter!}

{There are a bunch of really great jumping shots from all around Fort Langley:)}

{The picture above totally makes me smile:) We also got a lot of pictures with their `hearts''s a giant one!}

{They were so young and carefree running on the beach! What a beautiful day and beautiful group of girls! Girls, I hope you like your pictures and I also hope that you're not checking these out in your info tech class....wait until you get home! Love you Kennedy. Happy birthday.}.


Lindsay said...

these are great! what a special memory for them :) I especially like the one where they have their hands in each other's back pockets. Great idea!

kelly ens said...

this is such a fantastic idea - love all the photos!
the new blog look is great too!

Carol said...

How fun and what a nice aunt you are!

The girls and you had lots of great ideas!

Kennedy said...

Thank you so much auntie Louise these are so good!!! My mom says she LOVES them!!Thanks again.

Ky said...

Wwoooww!! So so good! I loved all of them. They are so nice. Thanks so so much, it was so fun!
Kenna, you are one of the best friends I have. I am so glad that God has blessed me with our friendship. I love you to death! <3 :)

Joy :) said...

Thesse are so cool :) thank you sooo much. <3 It was such a fun time. i LOVED it. Thank you again Kennedy your such a great friend! and love yah TONZ.

mad4missions said...

Nice! I like the 1st train and the door pictures! How fun!

Megan said...

wow! these are so fun + colorful...LOVE!!!! Best aunt award goes to YOU!!!