Sunday, October 17, 2010

Joshua, Ian and Noah | Family Photos

I was really excited to do this family session because I knew Paul and Hester before they had kids and hadn't really seen them much in the past 6 years. This was a great chance to get to know their three beautiful boys. Joshua, age 6, was a little hesitant with me at first (especially since he wiped out on the wet boardwalk!!). Ian, age 4, was such a clown making everyone laugh the whole time. Noah, just two months old, was pretty laid back about the whole thing! The rain was just an hour away so it was absolutely perfect.

{A lot of pictures of the boys together! Ian just wanted to hug everyone the whole time and good thing Joshua was so good about it:)}

{I think this group of black and whites are so cute...daddy with his boys!}
{Ian would do something and then ask me to take his picture. Example of this below.}

{Yippee, the fall leaves are out! This week will be a good one for photos, that's for sure!}
{And then just some photos of happy little Noah.}

{Hester and Paul, it was so great hanging out with your family. You have yourself some very adorable boys!}


kelly ens said...

SUPER cute. and i just need to point out how fantastic she looks for not only having had 3 kids, but being only 2 months out from the last one? wow!

Maria & Kris Thompson said...

Nice pics. Glad the rain held off! Love the leaves!

Carol said...

Cute boys! I will look forward to all of your posts this coming week.