Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Caleb & Keenan | Family Photos

I loved this photo session. I don't know if it was the location, the lighting, the kids, or the conversation, but it was really enjoyable. We met behind the Port Moody Recreation Center and went on a walk along the Shoreline Trail. I had taken photos of this lovely family a year ago and I love doing updated photos! It's a chance to see how the kids have grown, and, it's a compliment to be asked to do another session:) Elise and Jonathan, thank you so much for having me take your photos again, I really enjoyed our time together.
{Caleb, the older brother, was all smiles for me. Last time, it took a while but that could've been because of the freezing cold weather. This time, it was Keenan that didn't want to smile for me. About half way through, he finally cracked a smile...and then I proceeded to take a billion pictures of him. Don't you love the boardwalk below? How fun!}
{I always encourage mom and dad to get some photos together because I know how it is with one parent always behind the camera!}

{See, this is when Keenan started smiling so I took a whole lotta pictures of him!}
{I love how Caleb had his stuffed cow, Danica, in every photo:)}

{Interactions between kids and their parents are always special and unique. I'm particularly liking these daddy and sons ones.}

{Thank you so much for a great morning and for introducing me to another picturesque part of Port Moody. Boys, you did a great job!}


Lindsay said...

wow. those kids are CUTE!

kelly ens said...

such handsome boys! and what a great location.

Lauren Heinen said...


Lynn Anne said...

Great photos! Sure makes me miss autumn... those boys are adorable

Carol said...

Great location and photos! I enjoyed every picture that you posted!