Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Theoren & Anton | Family Photos

This family decided on Derby Reach for their family photo session, so it may look similar to the last post! I worked with Carolynne and it's always fun for me to photograph someone that I know and get to know their family in the process. I have two younger boys so it took a minute or two to figure out what a grade 9 and grade 6 boy might like to do but we worked it out:) Some jumping, some funny faces and some climbing on dad.

{They did not hesitate when I suggested a funny face once or twice...}

{I like the one of Carolynne and Jim above...}

{Great hanging out with you all and getting to know the boys!}


Lindsay said...

These are great! I feel like in a few years you need another one with the boys piggy-backing their parents :)

Carol said...

My 14 year old would probably not make faces, or let his parents put their arms around him, or piggy back on his dad's back! I guess our family photos might be a little boring!