Thursday, September 23, 2010

Natalie & Logan | Family Photos

This adorable family met at Brian's parents house for their family photos. The kids did wonderfully and the weather behaved (this is a big thing in the lower mainland these days)!! Natalie is 3 years old and Logan is just turning 1. Natalie was able to make Logan smile by playing peek-a-boo, and they were so cute together. Both kids have incredible blue eyes. Enjoy!

{Playing Peek-a-boo on the blanket, such a cute sibling moment. }
{I love chubby baby/toddler hands!}

{It was fun and I'm so glad that you were flexible enough to meet on a day where the sun decided to shine! We may have to do it again in a few years:) }


kelly ens said...

SUPER cute kids - they certainly look like their parents! :)
brings me right back to high school!

Carol said...

I love little chubby hands too! (and little chubby feet!)

Lindsay said...

cutest kids I've seen in a long time! beautiful!