Saturday, September 4, 2010

Justin & Alicia | Engagement Session

A few weeks ago, Justin and Alicia were star gazing while lying in the back of the truck. During that time, Justin got down on one knee and proposed! Justin says it was actually more like cloud gazing as they couldn't see any stars and Alicia had no idea he was going to propose at that time. They have a pretty short engagement (so did we!) and we are looking forward to their wedding in January.
{They have a great playfulness with one another and are willing to try anything.}
{During the course of the engagement session, we discovered that we have many more connections than we first thought. I guess that's what happens when you have a few people with dutch backgrounds:)}
{Right away I noticed Alicia's gorgeous smile...can you tell she's a dental assistant?:)}
{Justin is from Smithers and so they were looking for more of a rustic look with fences and barns. Campbell Valley is a great place for that!}

{I really like these pictures taken with an old piece of farm equipment. It may have been a manure spreader, but it looks great!}

Congratulations on your engagement! It was great getting to know you and we'll see you in just a few more months!

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Justin & Alicia said...

Thanx for shooting our photos, they look amazing! We had a blast, it was fun getting to know you, and making all the connections we made... looking forward to the wedding pics.