Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hendrik & Lisa | Wedding Day

You know how each wedding has a different feel? Traditional? Romantic? Vintage? Well, this one had the feeling of fun! Lisa and Hendrik enjoy climbing together so that theme popped up here and there. You know, the centerpieces, the car, the favours etc. You'll see. Here we go!
{Lisa had her sister and her cousin as her bridesmaids. Her sister is actually getting married in just a few weeks!}

{Lisa's mom putting the boutonniere on Hendrik. The flowers were all a little extra special because Lisa's mom is the one that put them together!}

{I love the shot below! Dad is peeking around the corner and looking down the aisle. You can see Lisa's silhouette as she is seconds away from seeing Hendrik.}

{After a few quick shots in front of the stained glass we went to Friendship Park and Queen's Park.}

{All three of the guys are engineers. Interesting technique to try to get Hendrik to the other side of the stream!}

{The rainbow wall is actually the wall of the um, bathroom, and there were a lot of ladies waiting in the line up. They got a lot of cheers while kissing in front of this wall!}
{At one point I had asked the bride and groom to walk holding hands and the groomsmen felt a little left out...}
{I know I already showed you a sneak peek picture of the climbing themed car but I really did love it. I love it when people personalize their big day!}
{Hendrik was all over this playground apparatus and Lisa did a great job getting up there. She almost slid down the fireman pole but alas, we didn't want to tear the dress:)}

{And then, it was off to the reception!}
{In order to get the couple to kiss, you had to ride the tricycle wearing a sombrero:) It worked super well, even when the handlebars fell off!}

{I love seeing girls faces when they catch the bouquet:)}
Hendrik and Lisa, thank you so much for having us photograph your special day. I love it that we knew you two when you were just starting out high school, it's always extra special for us. Blessings to you!


kelly ens said...

such a neat wedding! AND, i LOVE her engagement ring...i have the same one! :)

Lauren Heinen said...

awesome awesome photos louise!!

Carol said...

Everyone has such unique ideas for their weddings now-a-days! I really like the photo of the bride and groom with the colourful stain glass window!