Saturday, September 18, 2010

Erica & Aaron | Engagement Photos

I love doing a photo session when a thunderstorm seems seconds away! The sky is perfectly cloudy and there are no worries of squinting or shadows. I met Erica and Aaron at Derby Reach for their engagement shoot and we had a great time! The salmon were jumping like crazy, as in, you could probably dip a net in and catch one. These two are good friends with Justin and Alicia and are getting married just months apart. I've known Erica for quite a few years as she was my TA way back in the day:) We're looking forward to their wedding next May. Here we go!
{How have I not walked down to the beach portion at the Heritage Site before? Crazy me. It was great! Aaron, don't worry, I got some good pictures of you two and your truck but I'll just include a teaser here...}
{Just like Justin and Alicia, these two also got a few shots with an old manure spreader:)}

{I'll be honest, the smell down by the beach wasn't the best. There were a lot of rotting fish which doesn't really lead to the most romantic setting!}
{We then drove 1km east towards Fort Langley where there is a great area of rolling hills and long grass...don't you love it? You may remember it from Jana and Ross' wedding day.}

{Congratulations on your engagement and all the best to you with your wedding planning!}


Lindsay said...

GORGEOUS! The couple, the colours, the location... all of it!

Carol said...

I agree with what Lindsay said - everything about this photo shoot is gorgeous! We can't smell the stinking fish, so the water scenes look romantic to us!

kelly ens said...

yes - totally gorgeous! I'm curious to know where exactly you access that long grass and rolling hills other than just walking down the path! :)

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Kelly-you drive 1km east and park on the side of the road (by a driveway with a red fence). The pathway for the fort-to-fort trail meets up with the road there so it's just a 2 minute walk in.