Monday, September 6, 2010

Annelise & Rylan | Wedding Day Part II

Annelise & Rylan's big day has another post for the first part of the day, so if you haven't read it, click here. And now, for the formal session and the reception. I love Clayburn Village. It offers so much variety and I'm sure we didn't even use half of what it has. Ready for some variety?

{I love what the guys were wearing. They guys did fabulously in the 35+C weather! Usually for a wedding, either the bridesmaids are freezing or the guys are this case, the bridesmaids had it easy:)}

{We actually did shots of the groom with his groomsmen and the bride with her bridesmaids before the ceremony. This allowed them to save half an hour in between the ceremony and reception but still not see each other.}

{You'll see this slow walk again. And, what about the heel click? Not bad!}

{Picture above is Annelise with her sister, Jaclyn. Jaclyn had a great speech at the reception. You'll see Annelise's reaction to it further down. }
{There's a great old playground behind the school house which the wedding party had fun on. Thankfully nobody got hurt...or too dirty!}

{I think my favourite location in Clayburn Village is the chapel. Add a vintage car and it's perfect!!}
{I realize there are a LOT of kissing pictures below. Six in a row actually, but they are just so cute!}

{I LOVE the picture above! Totally them and totally different.}

{The bridesmaids suggested lying down and I love the result! No one was afraid of messing up their hair because well, I guess we were done taking pictures and it was just off to the reception.}

{My other favourite location there is this cute little door on the side of the candy shop. Bricks. Greenery. Awesome.}
{Annelise and Rylan really wanted some mountains in their pictures, and we were planning on possibly going up Eagle Mountain, but alas, there was no time. However, I would like to point out that there is a mountain in the background of this picture. Then, it was reception time! The reception took place in the old schoolhouse but after eating it was pretty hot so we ventured outside for the speeches. In order to kiss a guest had to pick a jenga block and do whatever it said on the block. If the jenga pile fell, well, then they had to kiss someone. My sisters ended up singing a song about love and it}

{We have at least 10 great pictures like the one above. It's Annelise listening to Jaclyn's Jane Eyre inspired speech. It was a gooder! Then back inside for cake and dancing}

{Congratulations Annelise and Rylan. All the best to you as you begin your lives together in northern Alberta! Annelise, hope this school year goes well for you and thank you for having us capture your special day.}


kelly ens said...

love love love these photos. what a spectacular location. that door is my favorite too - can't wait to do some pictures there in a few weeks!

Megan said...

Totally awesome Louise! So cool to see you enjoy the location...So many gorgeous shots :) My hubby actually saw you shooting that day!

Lindsay said...

I love the vintage-y feel to this wedding. And the pictures are fabulous (as usual) :)

Carol said...

What a great variety of pictures and it looks like you all had lots of fun. I like the little chapel too!

Annelise said...

Lousie! I finally looked at these and they are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much to you and Geri for all your hard work! -Annelise

Jackie said... that actually a mountain in the background? :)
I like the car photos - they look great, and the car goes so well with their decor! Really neat location for sure!
Again, great job by the Chapmans for catching such a great event!