Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Annelise & Rylan | Wedding Day Part I

Annelise and Rylan got married on August 15th and boy, was it hot out! I usually wait until I've finished editing all of the photos before I post them, but as I'm halfway through, I'm realizing that there a ton that I want to share! So, instead of an overload later on, I'll share the pictures of them getting ready and the ceremony now. You'll just have to wait for their amazing pictures from around Clayburn Village (such a great location!!!), which should be up next week.
Annelise and I have an interesting connection: her mom and my dad were married last year. And in case you're interested, between them they have 7 girls and no boys:) Let's get on with the day....

{Annelise's sister, Jaclyn, made these awesome headpieces for the girls. Cute eh?}

{These girls had an interesting technique going trying to do up the dress, it was awesome. Note that in each picture they are on different sides, meaning, they switched sides instead of just passing each other the tie. Annelise's mom, Joanne, came in and helped them finish it up:)}
{Gorgeous flowers and bride below!!}
{Gary met the boys at the ceremony location; the old schoolhouse in Clayburn Village. I love Rylan's ensemble and the fedora that he wore on and off throughout the day. Annelise also had a few changes throughout the day as she had two very different veils.}

{On to the beautiful outdoor ceremony!}
{Instead of having little flower girls, they had young adult flower girls. What a great idea! Their job is to look cute and make sure the aisle is looking pretty and covered in petals...check! Besides, they were old enough to light the candles too:)}

{And then some SUPER cute nephews drove their trucks (with rings attached!) down the aisle. What little boy wouldn't want to do that?!}
{Annelise about to see Rylan...}

{Hugs from mom and dad}

{Such a gorgeous venue. Annelise and Rylan are actually living in Northern Alberta right now (where they met) so they had another reception there just this past weekend. Annelise was quite emotional as she took in the whole ceremony which I thought was beautiful.}

{They washed each other's feet as a symbol of servanthood and putting the other person first. It was a touching act and let's be honest, I think we were all jealous of the cool water at this point:) In all seriousness, it was very meaningful.}
{And then, the bubbles were blown as the newly married couple exited!!}

I hope you look forward to seeing all the photos of our time around Clayburn village (with a vintage car too!) and the reception. Congratulations Annelise and Rylan, I hope you are settling into your new home nicely and that your second reception went equally well! You two are a wonderful couple and we look forward to being part of your lives in all the years to come.


kelly ens said...

absolutely beautiful - can't wait to see the rest of the pictures. Was the ceremony in the back of the school building? I saw it in such a different weather pattern (POURING RAIN), i can't seem to place it.
but i'm thinking this will be the location for our 10th anniversary shoot when we have you do those :)

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Kelly-yes, it was the back of the school building. There's a good blue building behind there too. Looking forward to your 10th anniversary shoot:)

Ali said...

i'd like to get married again (still to joel) just to get some sweet photos like this.

Rebecca said...

Absolutely Amazing Pictures - So many beautiful and touching moments captured. Annelise & Rylan - Congrats!