Friday, September 10, 2010

Alyssa, Lexi and Danae | Family Photos

I love it when families can have their sessions in fabulous yards like this one! We met at grandma and grandpa's house and just wandered from place to place getting some photo of the three beautiful sisters, their mom and dad, and even some of grandpa and grandpa. They had two great barns, flowering gardens and apple trees. I think the apple tree shots might be my favourite.
First off, sisters Lexi and Alyssa. These two spent a lot of time running around and what a great place to do that!
{Big sisters Alyssa (4) and Lexi (2.5) did fabulously with baby sister Danae (8 months)}
{Then, off to the apple trees. I love how it adds some more colour to the photo!}

{I got some pictures of each kid with mom and dad, here are just a few...}
{Danae wanting to walk!}
{Had to get grandma and grandpa in a few shots!}

{Okay, the window in the barn might be my second favourite spot there.}

{Usually I take about 500 pictures in a one hour session. In this one, it was over 700. I think that's what happens when you have a little one in the group:) Always trying to get the baby looking at the camera:)}
{All the girls did a fabulous job and enjoyed just playing outside.}

Thank you for having me capture some photos of your family! It was great being at a new location and I enjoyed meeting you. Enjoy!


kelly ens said...

LOVE these. beautiful family, fantastic location. that barn window - oh MY!!!

Carol said...

I loved the barn window ones too!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much Louise! Love them, can't wait to see the rest!