Sunday, August 29, 2010

Surprise Session For Grandma and Grandpa | Family Photos

As a surprise for their mom's 60th birthday, the family planned a photo session. Apparently grandma loves photos so good thing we took a lot of them! When they told me it would be 8 adults and 8 kids, I was a little nervous about all the kiddos but they did SO WELL! Usually we try to do a large family photo first, while the kids are at their best...look at the very first photo, they're all looking and looking good!
{I love getting head shots of all the super gorgeous kiddos!!}
{Beautiful little Heidi is turning 3 so she had a little outfit change for a few photos. I'm also going to use that door a little more often, it's so great!}
{The two beauties above are actually twins! Did you notice their sweet boots in the photo above?}
{Brother and sister above. The family told me that they are a `Sepia Family' so I just want to let them know that although I'm only showing 3 in sepia, there will be a lot more. Usually I just edit in colour and then also convert it to black and white. It's always important to tell me what you do and do not like! So, some sepia for you....}
{I've decided the best way to make kids laugh is to take a funny uncle along. Well, in the case below it was their daddy but he did a great job making all the kids laugh! Not sure what he was doing behind my head exactly, but it worked!}
{There's always airplanes and huge barges going by to entertain the kids!}
{Please note that all the kids are looking up, not an easy feat!! Love mom and dad kissing above the kids while Heidi takes a look!}
{The family below found these perfect flowers and fence to have their photo taken at...I love having so many eyes looking around looking for somewhere good to shoot!}

{Do you see how much the `funny uncle' was making the kiddos laugh?! And below, what kids don't want to throw leaves and make funny faces?!}
Thank you for having me capture some family photos for you. The kids did so wonderfully and I hope grandma and grandpa love the pictures!


Ali said...

Bathroom and boots photos are my favorites - the rest are great too!

kelly ens said...

such great pictures. i'm glad they got in touch with you - Dale & Rhonda go to church with us and live near us too :)

Bethany said...

i love the one with the women and men headings and how they're separated. such a neat idea!

mgvanhove said...

Great photos once again Louise!!

Carol said...

Great as usual! I love Heidi twirling her dress in the doorway. Cute shot at the women and men's outhouse - As usual, the women's side was a little more crowded!