Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sean & Rachael: Wedding Day

What a great day. Gary and I have taught these 4 brothers amongst us (and Gary coached two of them in basketball) so of course it was so fun to be part of Sean and Rachael's big day! This wedding wins the `Most Beautiful Eyes' and `Snazziest Car' Awards. I'll start off with the boys and I'll be honest, I don't know how many serious pictures we got of them. That's what happens with 4 brothers and a best friend! You should see the `innovative' idea they came up with when we were at White Rock...just wait!
{The girls got ready at the I.D. Salon in Fort Langley, such a great salon. Rachael has a close friendship with her hairdresser and has known her since she was a little girl. To say that having the perfect hair was important to her would be an understatement:) Check out her gorgeous hair!!}
{The girls quickly got ready at Rachael's house and then it was off to the church!}
{I remember when I got married and walked down the aisle towards Gary, I couldn't even look at him for fear that I would start crying. Here Rachael looked straight at him and you can see the emotion on her face.}

{Sean was so confused about why her engagement ring was on her other hand. For some reason I also like the adjustment of the rings on each finger as no one ever gets the ring on properly:)}
{Husband and Wife!!}
{Then, it was off to White Rock for the portrait session. We did not have a ton of time and there were a lot of people around but I think we got a lot of gooders!}
{Kiss on the neck, I love the kiss on the neck!!}
{Above may be the only picture where all the boys are behaving and not making fun of each other.}

{The jumping ones always make me laugh. A little walk on the pier amongst a million people but somehow we got a few shots without them!}
{Rachael wanted a brick wall and we found a small one that did the trick! There wasn't a lot of shade around so we stayed there for a bit...}
{Do you see above why she has the most gorgeous eyes ever?!}
{Okay, in a second you are going to see the picture that the guys thought of. I don't even get it, it doesn't look comfortable BUT they sure had fun doing it!}
{It's the picture right above, in case you missed it:)}
{We got a few pictures in the grass just a few minutes down the road. Then it was off to Northview Golf Course for the family photos and reception! Oh ya, and some more pictures with the car.}

{I love the laughing in the dancing photo. These two have been together for a long time and are just so comfortable with each other. Their love, concern, and support of each other was evident all day long.}

Congratulations you two! Rachael, it was so great to get to know you over the past few months. Sean and Rachael, it was so fun to celebrate such an important day with you (and your family and friends!).


kelly ens said...

so, i have no idea of who this couple is, but the way you documented their day made me feel connected to them in some way.
i LOVE these photos. just LOVE them. yep - she has amazing eyes. i love her hair and i adore her beautiful dress - the straps are like the cherry on top.

Carol said...

Yes, beautiful hair and eyes and I agree with Kelly, I like the straps on her dress (as well as the rest of her dress) My favourite photo is the "kiss on the neck" one!

Unknown said...

I am in love with her dress. Can someone please tell me the designer and where she purchased it? So very flattering!!

Louise Chapman said...

The dress was purchased at Champagne and Lace in Abbotsford but she doesn't know who the designer is. Hope that helps!