Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Julia & Ryan | Wedding Day

We first met Ryan and Julia when they had their engagement session. It was pouring rain and they were totally fine with it. I knew these two were pretty laid back and just looking forward to getting married! It was a hot day and they had a gorgeous outdoor ceremony and reception at the Kirkland House in Ladner. I love going to new places! It's not often that you have reception outside too (we did!) so that really refreshing. Let's start with the girls getting ready...
{The girls all had similar bracelets and Julia surprised one of her bridesmaids, Miriam, by wearing a necklace she had made her.}
{If I could get married again, I'd have a flower in my hair! Gary was at the farm where the boys were getting ready...and by `getting ready' that might have meant having a glass of wine or two.}
{Red wine...white shirt, see, I told you they were laid back!}
{The ceremony was on the grounds of the Kirkland House, a heritage house in Ladner. The aisle was lined with coloured rocks, instead of petals, and there were vases of flowers suspended by ribbons.}
{After walking down the stairs of the house and through the beautiful aisle throughout the garden, the wedding ceremony began.}
{The ring usually causes some laughter and this time it was because she may have started putting it on the wrong hand.}
{One bridesmaid sang, another played the piano, and it was beautiful. I love when the wedding party is involved like that!}
{And now, some pictures from when they actually first saw one another at Deas Island Park.}

{The picture below, with the lightbulb is just an inside joke with the wedding party. Take that Mr. Park Ranger:)}
{Julia has a ton of expressions and most are cute like this:)}

{Okay, so usually with the guys, we get a nice picture of the groom with each groomsmen. Then, they need to be creative. Sometimes they need a little help so in this case Gary said, `Jump on his back'. This is what `jump on his back' meant to them....}

{And now, reception time! There were games to play like bocce, lawn darts, frisbee golf etc. and the reception was set up right beside where the ceremony had been. }
{Cutting the cupcake using grandma's beautiful cake cutter}
{See, laid back! The wedding party just hanging out on the grass watching some amusing uncles...}

{As with every wedding in their family, there was some serenading as one whole side of the family got up to sing a song.}
Ryan and Julia, thank you for having us along and for sharing your day with us. Julia, all the best to you as you start your Secondary Education program this year (Julia and I are twins in our educational history with a BSc from UBC and then teaching program). Blessings to you both in the months and years to come!


Carol said...

Laid back is right! I was amused with the one usher having blue converse running shoes and with the "hillbilly" band!

Megan said...

You guys are awesome. seriously. just catching up on your photog. blog and you have done so much amazing work...oh to get married again (to the same guy of course) :)

Julia said...

Wow, these are super!! Love them so much :)

kelly ens said...

such a cool wedding - TOTALLY relaxed :) very 'aging' to think about the fact that Julia was my piano student at age 6...!