Friday, August 6, 2010

Jeff & Natalie: Wedding Day

It sounds like I love every wedding, and well, I do! Each one has it's own personality and when you spend so much time with the bride and groom, you get to know them quite well (especially on an emotional day like their wedding day!). Gary and I knew these two already, before we began, as I taught them both way back in grade 9. This wedding gets the `Best Props' Award. I mean, usually there are shots where everyone wears sunglasses or something, but in this case they also had balloons and paper parasols. I'm not suggesting that you go all crazy with props on your wedding day but it is fun once in a while. Okay, let's get started!
{The girls were getting ready super early as they did their portrait session before the ceremony. Natalie was super calm and relaxed about everything. Meanwhile, her sister was madly working on her speech:)}
{They had a great yard to take photos in!}
{Mom did up her dress and we were ready to go! I love the middle picture of Natalie looking at her mom. Pretty much 99% of the photos we take of the bride and groom getting ready are candids and I LOVE candids:) I'll show the ceremony pictures next which includes the pre-ceremony huddle....}
{Natalie all smiles as she was heading down the aisle with her dad. Well, let's be honest, she was all smiles, all day! I loved the arrangement that the had on the stage. They had bridesmaid and groomsmen coupled together and scattered around the stage....yay for breaking tradition!!}
{Check out the interaction between bride, groom, and dad. The handshake/hug says so much at the end of the aisle. Below you can see that Jeff was pretty emotional, a happy kind of emotional.}
{A bridesmaid, Brittany, and best man Harold led the singing which is always fun and meaningful.}
{So you know how when you have to go up on a stage, you might worry that you'll fall off or something? Natalie's sister, Richelle, did just that in the middle of the message. She was fine and we all laughed. It was great:)}
{The first picture in this group above shows when Jeff and Natalie first saw each other. I always feel a little sneaky watching them in such an intimate moment but you have to capture it!}
{They have a very fun metal chapel at Bear Creek Gardens so we started there. I guess I'm only posting one picture with balloons, but, there were a lot! Some fun jumping ones too, of course.}
{Parasols=great touch for girls in the garden! And let's be honest, they nicely blocked out the sunspots.}
{Jeff with the boys and then the girls. Isn't it cute with them peeking over the umbrellas?}
{We had all of the flowers except for Natalie's. Her bouquet took a bit of time getting there but fortunately her aunt delivered it for us, just in time!}
{Please note that along with the boys spying on them, they are standing in front of a giant bear shaped bush. You know, for Bear Creek Gardens. Kind of random. Below, nose to nose...cute.}
{I love fun coloured shoes!! If I did our wedding over again....}
{And, on to the lunch reception where there were games, speeches, and food galore.}
{The groomsmen even did a musical number.}
{And even though it was a lunch reception, they still got in a first dance, with their bridal party as well.}
Congratulations Jeff and Natalie. May your marriage be filled with love and laughter like the photo above. Thank you for inviting us to share in your day, we loved being there with you!


Maria said...

what church was this at? beautiful church/hall!

Terri said...

Beautiful! And yes, I did really like the peaking over the parasols picture!

Lindsay said...

gorgeous bride! love her blue shoes :) I also like that the moh has a different dress. they did a lot of unique things, didn't they?

Louise Chapman said...

Maria-the ceremony and reception were at The Oasis in Elim Village.

Carol said...

I agree - lots of nice little touches! I also like the bride's shoes, the bridesmaid's necklaces, the flowered dress for the moh, etc.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the photos! Cant wait to see the rest. Thank you both so much! Jeff and Natalie