Friday, August 27, 2010

Jared, Elly & Family | Family Photos

This post will probably look very similar to the last one as it was at the exact same location, and also, another large family group! The two kids, Jared and Elly were super cute, and the `big kids' did a great job too. With one family visiting from out of town, it was the perfect time to get extended family photos done. Campbell Valley Park always has perfect lighting around dusk so I really love it. Here we go....
{Jared reminds me so much of my oldest son and these two got along SO well. They would hold hands and hug and were just so good together.}
{They had spent the day at the PNE and then had the photo session, what a day! They did wonderfully.}
{Some pictures with grandma and grandpa...}
{Dan and Ryleigh, married 3 years, looking super cute together...}

{The engaged couple and then.....a sibling squishy hug!}
{Below is there `Do something funny!' pose and I like it!}
{Like I said, CUTE KIDS!! The whole family was so good about having so many full family photos in so many different locations.}

So glad that it worked to fit in a photo session while you were all together in the same city! It was nice meeting you all and I hope you enjoy the photos!


Lauren Heinen said...

That's awesome! I went to the same church as Jen and Pete when I was living in Kelowna and actually recommended you to them. Love the pictures! Their kids ARE super cute.

Carol said...

Cute little brother and sister! I particularly like the first few of them - the one in the doorway and the one with the little girl's arm around her brother. So sweet!