Monday, August 16, 2010

Cute Cousins: A Family Session

If you recognize these kiddos, it's because we've had the privilege of photographing them a time or two (or three!). When their Nana and Grandpa visited last year, we had a session in the freezing cold so it sure was nice to do it on a nice warm day this time! We had a mini session down at Derby Reach and I love all the bright summery clothes that the kids are wearing, super cute eh?

Lucy, I hope you had a wonderful birthday with your grandparents. Happy birthday! Thank you to you all for having me take pictures of your beautiful family again!


kelly ens said...

love these pictures!
Did you need to block sunspots from the area with all the trees? What did you use?

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Kelly-just found a shady spot amongst the trees! I always have my diffuser with me though but it only works, size wise, for a max of 3 people I'd say.

Bethany said...

These kids are adorable! I love the one of the older girl carrying the littler one on her back and the little one is giving her a kiss. So cute!