Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrating 25 Years: Family Photos

This lovely couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary this year and it was a great reason to get some family photos done. Let's be honest, any reason is a good reason to do it! Their second oldest son is moving away for school so it was another reason to have them done. We met at Derby Reach right at dusk (great lighting!) and it was so easy taking pictures of adult kids....they look and smile when you tell them to! This family is special to us because between Gary and I, we've taught all of the kids. Donna (the mom) is also working at the school with Gary now, so of course it was such a pleasure to photograph them. Enjoy and feel free to comment!
{With little kids, it's no problem hiding behind that white door and popping out. With super tall adult kids...not so easy! I won't tell you how long it took to try to figure something out:)}

{You might recognize Peter and Cara from their wedding last year!}

{I like the picture of mom and dad to the right. They were watching the kids being photographed and that's where I caught them being the most natural:)}

{In a family where everyone plays volleyball, you really need to have a jumping picture! Thank you so much for having me photograph your family, you are all so fantastic!}

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kelly ens said...

i do love the dusk lighting at Derby Reach - fantastic photos!