Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ashley & Kyle: Wedding Day

This outdoor wedding took place at such a gorgeous location in south Surrey; The Glades. This wedding wins `My Favourite Location Award' and `Best Departure Award' (you'll see!). It was raining but everyone, including the whole wedding party, handled it so well! It was the first time I've ever seen ushers handing out chairs and paper towel to their guests but it was beautiful. Ashley looked fabulous and see if you can figure out how many dresses she had on throughout the day!

{Ashley designed her necklace and earrings! I just can't believe how calm she was considering it was raining...a lot. Maybe that should be the criteria when choosing your wedding party; people who will celebrate no matter what the elements are!}
{We met up at the Glades to have their portrait session done before the ceremony}
{In the time that we were doing the photos, a large group of family and friends were helping to set everything up. There were a lot of flower petals to be scattered!}
{Check out the cuteness of the flower girls and ring bearer! The little guy made a beeline for his grandma and she had to carry him, crying, to the front.}

{Along with their regular vows, they also did their own personal ones. I love that. Gary and I did that too. The pastor that married them was a friend of theirs which just made is so much more personal.}

{After a break for the receiving line, there was a tea ceremony...}

{These pictures below show when they actually saw each other for the first time, it's always such a great moment!}
{The girls in the Zen Garden. Check out the wedding party in their zen poses!}
{And the guys...with their zen poses too. If you're wondering why there is sometimes and extra groomsmen in the pictures, he is their friend/pastor.}
{A little time in the Bamboo Garden.}

{Give the boys umbrellas and of course they will turn them into swords!}

{Some distracting groomsmen kept popping into the pictures:)}
{They had all these beautiful fans for the guests as favours but unfortunately, it was a bit too cold and rainy to use them. Although, the kids did play with them at the reception!}
{The reception was at the Chateau Cargill and there was bubble tea for everyone when they got there!}

{In order for the couple to kiss, groups sang songs with the word `love' in it. Then, they got to pick the kind of kiss!}
{The reason I'm posting the picture below is because it's her father-in-laws leg that she is feeling. Awkward!!}
{Ashley and Kyle met swing dancing so after having their first dance, they taught everyone a few moves...and then shared some more of their own.}
{The night ended with them running through some sparklers which was a super fun idea!}

Congratulations Ashley and Kyle! I'm so glad you had such a great day, we were happy to be there with you!


kelly ens said...

Ok, so i think this is my favorite wedding you have photographed (or that I've seen). absolutely stunning location, beautiful decor...just breathtaking.
did she wear 4 different dresses?

Ali said...

i was gonna say almost the same thing. this was one of my favorites too :) and i'd go with 4 dresses too.

Carol said...

Amazing wedding with such unique ideas! Stunning bride, and congratulations to all of you for making the best of it in the rain!

francine said...

Stunning pictures as per usual, Gary and Louise! I love the first picture of the girls and the bride in the garden, where the girls have their hands on their hips. The placement of them all looks fantastic!

Megan said...

Absolutely brilliant! WOW!!!! Stunning locations and outstanding photos...they will be thrilled!

Terri said...

I love the bamboo pictures!

Louise Chapman said...

Thanks everyone!! I guess with rain on your wedding day you're not going to have to deal with shadows, squinting and all that jazz:) Super gorgeous location with a couple that knew what they wanted = awesomeness!!