Thursday, August 26, 2010

29 Years and 7 Kids | Family Photos

For their parents anniversary earlier this year, the kids got them a family photo session. Gary and I have been connected to this family for years, through the school, and I have taught four of the seven kids. Yes, seven! I come from a family of five but somehow seven seems like a lot more. Campbell Valley was perfect and everyone was pretty into it! There were; mom and dad, seven kids, one daughter in law, one boyfriend and one grandson.
{Seventeen month old Owen brings them all so much joy and I think I got a picture of almost every single person with him throughout our time together. As a side note, I have an eighteen month old Koen who would've loved to have run around collecting rocks with him!}
{I usually try to get head shots of everyone and with this many people, I'll just show it this way...}
{Kristin and Craig...cute!}
{Owen was reaching for a rock that I had in my hand. Who needs toys when a rock can do the trick?!}

{There were so many combinations, I can't begin to show them all; all the boys, all the girls, the oldest and youngest girls, mom with the boys etc...}
{Don't worry girls, I got a great one of you all looking and smiling but you'll just have to wait for the disk:) Kristin and Ryan, the lovely parents of Owen, are below. }
{I like this family shot. Good things these are adult kids because I couldn't imagine getting this many young kids to look and smile!}

{Thank you for organizing this great gift for your parents. To `Oma and Grandpa', happy anniversary and many more!}


Lauren Heinen said...

love them louise!! you did such a great job!! the one of miranda and owen in black and white is perfect!

Ali said...

Nice work with such a big group - love the black n white mostly head shots of the whole group.

francine said...

Aww, you all look so fantastic! I just love this family. Louise, great job on the pictures. I love the angle on the one infront of the barn, further back. Very neat!

kyle and adrienne drost said...

One freaking GOOD looking family!....and a great great family at that! :) Great shots!!!!

Kristin said...

thank you so much louise! we all had so much fun and they look great!

Marilyn said...

Thanks Louise - you did a great job and we had a lot of fun too!

Carol said...

What a great photo shoot with such a large group!

Anonymous said...

awesome pictures