Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tanya & Carl: Sneak Peek

On the weekend, we had the privilege of photographing a wedding in Victoria! We had a lot of fun exploring the beautiful city and capturing the day for Tanya and Carl. It will still be about a week before their photos are up but I thought I would post just a couple to get a feel for the day. Congratulations you two!!
{Doesn't she look so classy? This is taken on the back side of the parliament buildings.}

{The Breakwater, just one of the 5 locations we went to!}


Carol said...

Can't wait to see the rest - These 2 are fantastic photos!

kelly ens said...

WOW. victoria is so beautiful, no doubt these pictures will be great!

kristin heinen said...

gorgeous! i love the breakwater!

Elwin Witzke said...

Wow, beautiful photos. Can't wait to see the collection from all the locations in Victoria. Congrats Tanya & Carol.