Friday, July 23, 2010

Jana & Ross: Wedding Day

What a gorgeous day this was. It definitely wins the award of `Hottest Wedding We've Done'. Wow, was it warm. We even used umbrellas for the heat instead of rain this time! It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony along the Fraser River down at the Bedford Landing. They even had their dancing outside afterwards and it was perfect (no bugs either!). I have so many pictures to post and no one has complained about the amount I put here, so, here we go...
{Jana got ready at her sister Lora's house. I have never seen so many women getting ready in one house (and I have 4 sisters!) but they did it well! Jana was even doing her sister's make up at one point, she was one calm bride. Look how Mattea, the flower girl, is helping Jana get ready below. Mattea may have snuck in a bit too much bronzer at one point:)}
{The mom's made food for everyone. This isn't the first time that these mom's have prepared for a wedding together, Jana's sister and Ross' brother are also married to each other. Does that make sense? So special!}
{I love Jana's dress. I think I have a thing for sweetheart necklines and lace. At one point, Jana did have a fan going under her dress. Like I said, it was a hot day!}
{There were at least 4 more females in the room while she was getting ready...which meant a whole lot of oohing and aahing! The ceremony was at the Bedford House Landing. It was such a gorgeous setting and a harpist played while they walked down the aisle.}
{Gary always stays up front in the ceremony and I am in the back. I love the close ups that he gets during the ceremony, like the one below.}
{Their nephew did a fabulous job reading a Bible verse}

{Isn't it such a great location along the river?}
{Jana's sister, Maria, is due any day now. She handled the heat like a champ. I can't resist taking pictures of baby bellies!}
{We actually took their formal photos before the ceremony so the first picture below is when they saw each other for the first time. We started by taking photos around the Bedford House (Fort Langley)}.
{Everyone loves taking the jumping picture! Fortunately not many people are driving to Brae Island (where the Albion Ferry was) so the road is usually quite empty. We then went towards the train station. Please note the funny faces below, you will see many more to come!}

{We always do the bride with each bridesmaid and the groom with each groomsmen. Well, I don't usually post them but I want to show you stereotypical photos. The girls are sweet and the boys are usually beating each other up or something.}

{See what I mean? Check out Mattea below. Eyes. Jana has 5 nieces and nephews so I asked how they could choose just one. They chose the youngest. Makes sense!}
{I hope you girls are okay with me posting this sexy/attitude type shot of you:) I just like how Mattea fits right in! And then, it was off to a random spot along the Fort-to-Fort Trail. It is between Fort Langley and the Heritage Site at Derby Reach. It was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. Jana had picked it out and I loved it!}
{I couldn't decide whether to post the intimate or the romantic shot, so, I posted both!}

{I realized in their engagement shoot that Jana likes fences so fortunately there was a good one there!}

{We always take a variety of family photos but generally they are quite standard. I will show a couple though because, well, they're cute. Could be my favourite family photo yet!}
{There was some free time before the reception started so this big group of football fans, originally from Winnipeg, went to the pub to catch the Winnipeg Bluebombers playing.}
{And then it was reception time at the Bedford House!}
{Take a look at the awesome kids table that their friend, Sarah, set up. I want to sit there! There was even a colouring book of outlined pictures of Jana and the kids etc}
{In order for the bride and groom to kiss, the guest had to spell a word correctly AND use it in a sentence. A lot of the words were dutch. Not as easy as it sounds but it looks like a few people got it right...}
{I love how their cake is so personal. Ross is a big football fan and played for a while so here is their cake topper! I'm also liking how they did a fun pose with the cake rather than just the standard cake cutting!}
{The night ended with a dance outside and it was the perfect way to end the evening.}

Congratulations Jana & Ross. Thank you for making it so fun for us and introducing us to a great new location. I hope you are having an amazing time on your honeymoon!


kelly ens said...

wow - stunning!!! (major kudos to maria being that pregnant in that heat!).
where exactly is that location? It's awesome!!!

Lindsay said...

wow! loved these. her sister and his brother are married? that's weird and kinda cool! I guess they'll see a lot of each other during the holidays!

cara said...

My fave is the cute one they did at their cake. I can't stand the standard cheesy pose with the knife before you cut the cake. Looking at your pictures always makes me wish I could go back in time (almost 13 years) and re-do all my wedding pictures. I was soooo young and it was before everyone got so creative with their wedding pictures. Anyway, great shots as usual Gary and Louise!

Lauren Heinen said...

gorgeous photos!! so crazy seeing pictures of people i haven't seen in ages but remember from church years ago! love the pictures as always :)