Monday, July 19, 2010

Curtis & Britteny: Engagement Session

Last week I met Curtis and Britteny, down at Coal Harbour, for their engagement session. Britteny let me know right away that she didn't think that she was very good at the whole picture thing but I think I proved her wrong...just look at her! Britteny, you passed with honours. They had a ton of ideas and that made it super easy for me. Climbing up on structures, going into the water, they were up for anything! Coal Harbour is great because it is so versatile. We started out at the marina as they both grew up boating...

{Then Curtis suggested that they go in the water, he even came prepared with sandals! Aren't they cute? He pretended to drop her in one of the pictures and she sure got quite close to the water.}
{Then some pictures by the pond and the bridge. A Canadian Goose was quite comfortable around them which started making me nervous but he kept a safe distance.}
{Curtis and Britteny have been together for 5 years and have been in school for forever and aren't leaving anytime soon:) You can tell that they are really comfortable together which makes photographing them really easy.}
{I had to just post a few more water pictures. They weren't sure if they wanted building photos but with Curtis being a civil engineer, it kind of makes sense, right? One of my favourites was taken there....}
{The one above is one of my favourites.}
{Just some black and whites to break up all the green and blue:) I always have the edited pictures converted to black and white as well because everyone has a different preference.}
{Her dress was so cute and it worked so well in all the photos. Curtis, your outfit choice was great too, don't want to leave you out!}

Curtis and Britteny, it was great getting to know you. Congratulations on your engagement and we look forward to capturing your big day in December!


Rachelle said...

These are awesome Louise!

Tania Grim said...

You did prove her wrong that for sure. The pictures are STUNNING!

Lindsay said...

love these! your favourite is my favourite - LOVE that shot!