Monday, July 5, 2010

Annika & Isabelle

These two beauties, Ani and Izzy, are my nieces. It was sprinkling the evening that we did these photos but I think they still worked out well! Their family is about to change, in less than 10 weeks, so I thought it was a great time to capture some belly pictures with the family. Besides, the great thing about having a photographer for a sister is that Maria can get new family pictures in a few more months:)
If you know Ani and Izzy at all, you can see why they have the umbrellas that they do. Izzy is all Dora, and Ani is all Princess.
{Two and half year old Izzy, below, is such a mischievous little monkey. She makes me smile.}

{Ani, 4 years old, is at the stage where they have their kind of fake smile. Fortunately daddy was able to get a giggle or two from her!}
{The girls ran up and down the path, holding hands and giggling, probably 5 times in a row. They get along really well and are looking forward to meeting their little brother or sister in a few months. I think it will be another girl!}
{A couple of belly shots...we always get so big with our babies! Izzy was over 9lbs so I'm thinking this one will be too. Both of my boys were over 9.5lbs!}

Maria, there a billion other pictures (lots of Izzy with her huge fake laugh!) but I hope you like these ones! I'm excited to get a bunch more photos of you guys when you've got the little one on the other side of your belly:)


Anonymous said...

Great pictures...especially love the one with the girls hands on Maria's belly.~Tammy

Lindsay said...

oh to have a photographer sister! :)
Maria looks great!! I still can't get over how much Ani looks like her mom! They have grown so much :)

nut said...

Love love love the one of the girls with the umbrellas and the last one behind the trees! oh so cute. can't wait for the new addition:)

Bethany said...

The one where they are behind the trees is super cute!

Jackie said...

Very cute! I love the one with Annie and izzy and their umbrellas! :)Wonder if their 'boy' is gonna like diego? :)