Friday, June 25, 2010

Taeya & Ezra

Just a few days ago I was able to take photos of Kelly and her family in a mini session. Kelly is also a photographer so I can totally understand her desire to get a good family photo. I feel the exact same way. We went to a cool, new (to me) location at Derby Reach; the Heritage Area. So great, I cannot believe I haven't taken photos there before. I will definitely go back. I knew Kelly a bit in high school (I dated her brother...can I say that here?!) but then we got connected again through blogging a few years back. It was so great meeting her family in person. The kids were so adorable and had a great time running around. Let's get to it!
{I love that Taeya is looking back in the picture below. Seriously, what a beautiful location! Kelly had done a shoot there last week so I was happy that she wanted her session done there.}

{Field+Girl Smelling Flowers=Awesome. I can't wait to photograph more kids there...sometime. Hey, maybe my own!}

{Kelly and Alf, I hope it's okay that I included a kissing picture! I just love it because you can see the two kids in the background. It just shows love and family and ya, I like it:)}

{Good thing there were some airplanes and tugboats to entertain the kids! I wasn't so exciting after the first 15 minutes:)}

I hope you enjoy your family photos. Thank you for introducing me to this fabulous location and your wonderful family!


kelly ens said...

LOVELOVELOVE!!!!!!! i just looked at them with my parents, sister and Taeya for the first time and we were all 'ooooh'ing and 'aaah'ing :)
FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you!!!!

Megan said...

Awesome!!!! Beautiful work Louise! guys all look fantastic! A girlfriend of mine told me about this park last week and this is now the THIRD time I have heard of it since!

Carol said...

Enjoyed seeing these great photos of Kelly's family!