Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sean & Rachael's Engagement Photos

Sean & Rachael braved the rain and it ended up working really well. That's the problem with BC weather, you never know what you are going to get! They decided on having their engagement photos done at Campbell Valley Park and fortunately there were a lot of under cover areas. The last set of pictures in this group is one of my favourites yet! Sean & Rachael have been dating for 6 years and will be getting married in just 6 weeks. Please note how cute Rachael's hair is...makes me realize that I should do something other than a ponytail some time:)
{Rachael, I would say that half of the pictures have you laughing at something Sean has said. Awesome.}
{They also brought a mustang convertible for their photos but I'm not posting them here. They are going to have a snazzy car on their wedding day too which I'm excited about!}
{I love the set below. You know how couples all have `their thing'. Well, for these guys, it's pinky swearing:) For Gary and I, it's that we can both touch our tongue to our noses. I love the other photo of them against the tree and the meadow in the background. And the bottom one is my favourite; the brown wood, Rachael's eyes, Sean being sweet....I love it!!!

We're looking forward to the big day and we'll see you two soon!

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Carol said...

Beautiful work! You'd never know it was raining!