Wednesday, June 9, 2010

David & Laura's Wedding Day

Woohoo!! Finally posting pictures of David and Laura's big day. It was a fabulous day for them and for us. I think I taught the entire bridal party so that always makes things a little more fun:) Laura is super tall (6'1") so I was climbing up on chairs and benches to get pictures...good thing Gary has height on his side! So, the award for this wedding is given by Gary. It is `The Most Creative Emcees!'. At the reception they had a ton of costume changes and had a lot of trophies to hand out to David (okay, they were his own trophies). I could also give Laura and award for having the least tired looking eyes (when you edit a billion pictures, you really notice these things!) but that wouldn't be very exciting. Please enjoy a look at their'll also see a location I've always wanted to shoot at!
{Check out the teamwork!}
{Want to know how David and Laura met? One of Laura's best friends is David's sister.}
{We met up with David and the boys at the church. The groomsmen were giving him some words of `wisdom'. }
{There was some laughter as David said `I do!' before the pastor was done asking his questions...someone was excited to get married!}

{After the family photos we went to our first location....Stewart Farms. The girls had a shoe change and sported some comfy pink flip flops for the rest of the day.}

{Check out that pyramid, not bad eh?}

{And then it was off to super bright and busy Crescent Beach!}
{I'm so glad we got to shoot at this location on the way to the reception! Wouldn't it be great on a rainy day? It's under the King George overpass.}
{Just a quick pit stop before it was off to the reception where yummy cupcakes and entertaining emcees awaited them!}
Congratulations Laura and David! Thank you for having us be part of your day, we had a lot of fun! We hope that you had an awesome honeymoon on your cruise.


Anonymous said...

yay! They look lovely!! Great job guys!!
Kari (AKA the florist)

Lindsay said...

looks like a fun wedding!! love the colours and love the locations (under the overpass - who knew?!?) :)

Kimberly said...

I drive under that king george overpass all the time, and see people photographing there.
Beautiful photos, like always!

Megan said...

Beautiful post Louise....some really fun and different shots! My friend Kari did the flowers....small world!

Anonymous said...

Very lovely pictures once again! I really like the one of them sitting in the tree. Very cute!
hannah mallie