Sunday, June 20, 2010


This past week I had the opportunity to meet 3 month old Annabelle. Her mom, Jen, used to play on our football team and her dad, Chris, was our coach. They moved to Saskatchewan where Jen works as a doctor so it's been a while since I'd seen them. When I heard they were coming to BC, I asked to take a few pictures for them so that I can meet this little darling. Annabelle let us know that 20 minutes was her limit so that's what we did. So good to see you all again! We (our football team!) miss you both!


Lindsay said...

but what great pictures you got in those 20 minutes! she is too cute for words!

Carol said...

Really like that first photo!

Mandeep said...

Great photos, Louise! I had a sneak-peak from ones you e-mailed Jen. Annabelle is such a cutie!!