Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Anna & Kristen

This weekend I had the opportunity to take photos of these beautiful girls, check out their amazing green eyes!! I don't mean to always comment on the weather, but seriously, the weather around here has been so up and down over the past month and fortunately, we got a good day. We took some photos in their yard and then we went to Williams Park. I've only taken pictures there once before so it was so nice to go back and explore a different area (like the steps in the forest!!). Enjoy.
{Sasha, the adorable dog, was able to get in some of the family photos while we were at the house. I think she really wanted to join us for the rest of the session:)}
{Check out Anna's eyes above!!}

{And Kristen's eyes! Looking below, don't you love that wooden staircase in the middle of the forest?! I also love the silly picture. Kids always love doing a silly picture and it seems like mom and dad don't mind either!}

{The girls did a fabulous job and then they discovered a caterpillar. It was all about `Catty' (or `Caddy', not sure) then. They made sure he had a nice new comfy home.}

It was nice meeting you all and I hope that you enjoy your family photos!


Megan said...

Awesome!!! Love this! and those eyes are such a cool color....

kelly ens said...

yes, the EYES!!!!
i was actually requested to do a session at williams park...this post makes me really look forward to it - great location!

Lindsay said...

gorgeous girls! and I LOVE the wooden staircase in the middle of the forest. You couldn't plan that any better!!