Tuesday, June 22, 2010

50th Wedding Anniversary Family Photos

To celebrate grandma and grandpa's 50th wedding anniversary, this huge (and tall!) family had some photos done. Now, it's a little different than our usual family photos in a few ways. It was midday with bright sun (best photos are done an hour before sunset or after sunrise), there was a huge number of people, it was taken in their yard, and the pictures were a little more formal than we normally do. However, I think we got quite a variety in that one hour and we got huge family photos with everyone's eyes open:) There was one spot of shade that we used for individual shots but otherwise, we had everyone in the bright sun and we just used our studio lights and umbrellas. Happy Anniversary to Grandma and Grandpa V, look at that amazing family you have!


Ashley said...

The last one is super cute. Danielle is beautiful.

Bethany said...

Great pictures! Everyone looks really good!