Friday, May 14, 2010

Sarah & Daryl: Wedding Day

What a BEAUTIFUL day. Okay, I know I said it in the sneak peek, but it really was. There is something so wonderful about an outdoor ceremony, but maybe I'm biased because ours was one too:) Sarah and Daryl hired us for the ceremony and portrait portion so that's why you won't be seeing any photos of them getting ready or the reception.
{The ceremony was at a beautiful farm in the Sumas Flats}

{Although we had only met with Sarah & Daryl once before, I felt a connection with them as Sarah also lost her mom just a few years before (my mom passed away 4 years ago). Her mom was remembered and honoured throughout the ceremony. }
{There were a few special kids involved in the wedding party and they definitely added to the overall beauty of it}
{You can see the clouds getting a little wilder in the background! This was the one wedding where we didn't bring our umbrellas because it was supposed to have perfect weather!!}

{Sarah's dad has remarried and Sarah now has a new baby sister (see below)!}
{Sarah and her mom's best friend went and had some photos done with a special tree planted for her mom}
{Have you jumped on a trampoline in a wedding dress?! Before this picture was taken, we have a bunch of Sarah on the trampoline with a bunch of young boys bouncing her around}
{The rain clouds came...and went. No umbrellas were needed! Phew!}
{There is a wonderful reason why we visited, and ate at, the Sumas McDonalds. Years ago, back in high school, Daryl and Sarah went to this McDonalds together. Sarah had heard that Daryl was going to ask her to be his girlfriend. Daryl said, `I have a question for you....' (intending to ask her out) ` you like my shoe?'. Hence, the shoe pose below:) In the end, he did actually ask her out.}
{Don't you love the bouquet?!}

{Sarah had an anklet with a picture of her and her mom on it. At the end of the portrait session, we went to the cemetery to take a few candids of Sarah placing her bouquet at her mother's grave. It was extremely beautiful and intimate. We have some special pictures of it, but I think it's a bit too personal too share. But, you can picture it. I was honoured to be there and I was a bit emotional...the anniversary of my mom's death had been the day before. I think it was so special. I love that Sarah didn't avoid the fact that her mom wasn't there, but, she did what she could to include and honour her mom. }

Sarah and Daryl, thank you so much for including us in your special day. We hope that you are having a super fabulous honeymoon right now! All the best to you as you continue your lives together in Ontario. Congratulations!


Maria & Kris Thompson said...

Wow - I like the pictures, but I love how she included her mom so much as part of her special day even though she could not physically be there.

Jackie said...

lovely photos! And who is that hot sister? Yup, none-other than Rebecca-my old nursing classmate! (hi!!).
Congrats to the Bartels!

Tyler said...

The clouds look amazing in two of those photos. Also, the 'share the trail' photo is cute... share the trail indeed.

Maria said...

I love the "share the trail" awesome!

Lindsay said...

How did I miss these? They're fabulous! Love the special touches to honour her mom!

Caryn Ouwehand said...

I love the reflection in the guys glasses of the bride. Very cool shot.