Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kimberly & Tyler: Wedding Day

We had a great time taking pictures of these two on their wedding day. Kimberly was so excited to be getting her hair done because she was the bride this time! Kim is usually the one doing the bride's hair for weddings and we've done a bunch together. I also know Kim for another reason, she is yet another student that I taught way back in grade 9! I don't want to insult any other brides but I just need to say that Kim wins the category of `My Favourite Dress'. I loved it. I will be giving random awards for each wedding from now on:) Okay, enough of an intro, let's get to the pictures!!
{Kim lives super close to us so that was nice! What a beautiful group of girls getting ready...}
{They actually got their dresses on in the room at the Chateau Cargill, where the ceremony was. Totally cute (and warm) room}

{Check out the grand entrance below! She met her dad at the bottom of the stairs. I also love the idea of rose petals lining the aisle, rather than scattered all over.}

{Kimberly and Tyler wanted to go to two different locations for their formal photos. The sun was super bright which always makes things challenging but at least it wasn't raining!! First off...Crescent Beach. Check out that beautiful bouquet!}

{The picture below and to the right is my favourite. It helps that I love her dress and the beach!}
{The picture above is of the girls after attempting their `sexy look'. I won't say who they are laughing at:)}
{There are some great shots of the guys jumping in the background, especially the facial expressions on the guys to the far left:)}
{The rest of these formal shots were taken at Campbell Valley as they wanted some field and pond type shots. I love variety!!}
{Who doesn't love a giant field?!}

{Every time we mentioned that they might want to kiss or have Tyler kiss her cheek, Tyler would give a little smile:) It was really sweet.}
{Classic picture on the bottom left!}
Congratulations to you, Kim(berly) & Tyler. Thank you so much for inviting us to share in your day. I hope that you guys had a fabulous honeymoon to start off your lifelong journey together!!


kelly ens said...

fantastic pictures!
i love the dress too...wow!

Lindsay said...

Agreed - GREAT dress. I wonder who the designer is...

The Smith's said...

Her dress is beautiful. Ah it looks like it was an awesome wedding to attend! Very beautiful pictures!

Ashley said...

Gorgeous photos!!! Kimberly is stunning!!!!

Feona said...

You look so beautiful Kimberly! Such great photos! Thank you so much for the opportunity to do the flowers. It was so fun!

Kimberly said...

so gorgeous. the photos, the bride...
makes me totally wanna re-do my wedding photos :)

Anonymous said...

love them, love them...LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled with every single picture taken! Thank you!!!!!!!!!! :) :) Kimberly Schroeder