Monday, May 31, 2010

Julie-Ann and Thomas: Wedding Day

What a beautiful day. I love how each wedding has it's own personality to keep it interesting for us! The theme of the day was pure excitement. Julie-Ann said, `I'm so excited!' about 50 times while I was taking photos of them getting ready:) This wedding wins two awards and they are; `The Most Excited Bride' and `The Super Smiley Couple'. Here we go....
{Julie-Ann joked that she chose her bridesmaids just because they were so beautiful. Aren't they though? Check out the excited face below.}
{I love the look below where she's trying to calm herself down:)}
{Julie-Ann, you looked so beautiful!!}
{Signing the guest book....people often use their engagement photos to make a guest book. I highly recommend it!!}
{The moment above, where dad and bride are about to walk down the aisle, is usually when the bride is the most nervous. I know that is what was hardest for me! You will now see why they win `The Super Smiley Couple' award....}

{After the receiving line and a standing reception, we went off to Ellwood Park in Abbotsford.}
{The wedding party was full of ideas, some were very random like the guys two shots down....}

{Apparently Julie-Ann and Thomas were making their wedding party a little tired of all the kissy business.}
{I LOVE the shot above and to the right. And look below, the birds flew by just in time!}
{And then it was off to the reception where the dads were the emcees! Check out how hard the girls are laughing while the groomsman (ex-roommate) gives his speech.}

Congratulations Julie-Ann and Thomas. We loved being a part of your day and we're really happy for you two. We hope you are having a wonderful time on your honeymoon and I'm sure we'll see you around!


Lindsay said...

Gorgeous couple! She definitely didn't smile like that in Psychology class! ;)
LOVE the one of her with the groomsmen (holding the bouquets) and of the one where they're kissing and one of the groomsmen has his coat over his head. Too funny!

Amanda V. said...

They definitely were full of smiles (and kisses) all day long. Congratulations you two!!! <3

Ali said...

As always, such a beautiful job.

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Lindsay, I love how you noticed the groomsmen with the coat over his head, it was pretty funny:)

The Smith's said...

Those are beautiful pictures! I love the picture of all of the cake. Mmmm looks so yummy!

Carol said...

Great to see such excitement! Some really fun photos. Purple seems to be the "in" colour this spring!