Monday, May 3, 2010

Julia and Ryan: Engagement Photos

For our engagement shoot with Julia and Ryan, we found out that the Historic Stewart Farm really is a good photo location when it's raining. When I say raining, I mean really, really raining. Fortunately these two were super easy going and not concerned about it one bit. We stayed around the buildings and at one point, Gary may have been up in a tree holding the umbrella above them. I'm excited for their wedding in August because it's going to be an outdoor one in a very fun location. Congratulations you two, it was great getting to know you!
(It was the shot above where Gary was up in the tree)

(I found out that Julia got her BSc at UBC and will be heading back there for her BEd in the fall...just like I did!)
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(I'm glad we had the opportunity to shoot in the rain. Usually we have to reschedule but you can really make it work in the rain, especially at a place like this.)

Just a few more months 'til the big day...happy wedding planning!


kelly ens said...

fantastic location - where is that?

crazy...i taught Julia piano when she was 5 or so. WOW, i feel old :)

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Kelly-it is just 5 minutes from Crescent Beach and is a very fun location.
As for feeling old, I feel the same way when we do an engagement session for someone that I taught back in grade 9!