Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dan & Sara: Wedding Day

What a beautiful wedding this was! I love how they incorporated little pieces of themselves throughout the entire day. They celebrated while including their love for the Earth, music, poetry, family, friends, each other and God. I'll include some cool tidbits along the way....
{Sara is wearing the pearls that her grandmother wore in her wedding 50 years ago. Those are also real flowers in her hair.}
{The girls all wore different teal coloured shoes that made their outfits so fun! The pair in the middle were handmade!}
{Notice below that the ring bearer is carrying a real nest with a plastic egg which contains the rings. They also had a guest tree instead of a guest book.}

{This might sound weird, but I love the way that Dan holds Sara's head whenever they kiss.}
{Queen's Park was within walking distance of the ceremony because they had hoped that their guests would walk to the reception. We took the pictures there, at Queen's Park.}

{Do you see them in the ring below?}
{I'm glad we got them sitting in the grass...had it been summer, it would've been beautiful to see them lying in it. }
{I do love the rainbow wall below!}
{At the reception, they served local, organic food.}
{They even sang to their guests. Please take note of their adorable niece pictured below.}
{They had a friend taking photos of the guests in random dress up gear...a very fun photo booth idea!}

Congratulations to you, Dan and Sara. We truly enjoyed your day and I think that you started your journey together in a very beautiful way.


Maria said...

Looks like a great wedding, very personal.
Louise did you notice the white tulips for the bridesmaids, like the ones you cared at my wedding.

The Smith's said...

Beautiful pictures Louise & Gary! I look forward to seeing the rest of them when I get copies from Sara & Dan for their scrapbook.

Anonymous said...

Unrau Grandparents looked at these pictures with tears of joy and awe in our eyes. Awesome weding, and great promise for an beautiful God honoring marriage.

pentax said...

I just want to thank you so much for taking wonderful pictures!!! I really feel that they captured a little bit of who we are and also the feel of the day. Thanks for putting so much effort into this and I highly applaud your organizational efforts. You are always on time and ready to answer any questions.