Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amelia: One Month Old

I got to have a mini shoot with baby Amelia and she was just adorable. Usually it's best when they are less than a couple of weeks old but this little darling did just fabulously and fell asleep halfway through! Momma wasn't loving being in the pictures as it was a bit of a crazy day for her, so I'll have to get some more of the two of them some other time and maybe even get daddy in there too:) I have known Amelia's momma and daddy for about 4 years now and she is such a warm and beautiful woman. We have been praying for this little girl for a long time and we are so excited that she is finally here!
I love that black and white of mommy and baby kissing above.

I love all that hair as my kiddos were bald until they were one.

Welcome to the world, Amelia! You have been born into a home filled with love and laughter, and we are so excited to finally meet you.

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