Monday, March 15, 2010

Trish and Steve: Wedding Day

On March 6th we had a different kind of was my baby sister's big day! Three things to point out:
1. My sister is wearing my mom's old veil which had been dyed and cut. Oh ya, my mom had a HUGE daisy headpiece that went with it, not sure why Trish didn't want that part:)
2. Check out Trish and Janna's faces when Steve is signing the marriage license. It's like, `Make sure he does it...he's signing! It's going to be official!'.
3. Steve had smashed his hand 2 days before the wedding in a work place accident. He was unable to get his ring past his knuckle and his knuckles were, uh, needing to be photoshopped. I did leave a few picture with it:)
4. Has there ever been nicer weather on March 6th? Wowee, it was beautiful.
Okay. Enjoy. Congratulations you two, I hope that you're having a blast in Hawaii!


Maria & Kris Thompson said...

Love the expression on trisha's face when steve is looking for garter belt. Funny. Love the pics. The day was gorgeous for sure.

jan said...

good stuff louise. i relalyl like the colors.

The Smith's said...

Those are beautiful! I love all of the colours!

Ashley said...

1. Beautiful day.
2. Beautiful bride (seriously gorgeous)
3. Beautiful photos.

kelly ens said...

the pictures are amazing - great colors. the weather looked so perfect too - yay!
noticed the carton of milk in the picture of trish taking their self-portrait...? :)

Jackie said...

Janna looks pretty intense when Nutball was throwing the bouquet! And whoever zipped up her wedding dress did a good job! :)
Nice stuff...I like the outdoor ones - such BLUE sky!

Lindsay said...

Beautiful! Trish looks great! I love her boots :)

Ashley said...

ps. what's with the 2% milk on the head table?

Louise Chapman said...

Hey Kelly and Ashley-in regards to the milk, I think Steve drinks a lot of milk. Maybe a gallon per day?

Anonymous said...

The pictures are beautiful! I am so exciting for you to take our wedding pictures in May!

adopted said...

i really enjoy following your photography. i just shot my first wedding in New Mexico... the ceremony goes fast huh!

My only regret is that i didn't have time when other guests/family put their photos away.

i would pose my subjects, and prepare to take the shots, and then "uncle jed" would shout, "stick the mom in the middle," after i had carefully placed the groom in the middle. then the mom is there torso square to the camera. :( in the garbage with those shots.

then i compose them again and take some shots, and in half of them, someone's eyes are looking at the wrong camera.

i understand that family and friends want to take photos, but there needs to be a time when they all stop it and be quiet. preferably a time away from the guests. this couple was rushing off to their honeymoon, so there wasn't enough time.

but there will be some fun shots anyway! :)

take care,

Louise and Gary Chapman said...

Paul-thank you for your comment! For family and formal shots, we get mean:) My husband takes the shots while I organize and `make' people look at his camera. `Everyone, look at this camera!' with wild pointing:) Because yes, there are a million family members trying to take pictures. Often it's best if you tell the bride and groom beforehand that you need everyone looking at your camera and even that you would rather than no one else is taking shots during that time!
Thanks for checking out our blog!