Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jantina's Maternity Pictures; Part II

About 7 weeks ago, I took some maternity pictures of my sister Jantina. We decided to go for a walk at Mill Lake in Abbotsford and I took my camera along. Jan lives in Mission so it was the perfect in between meeting place. We met early in the morning and enjoyed a leisurely walk around the lake while taking just a few pictures. I'm so excited that the next pictures I take of her will have her little baby in her arms! Not much longer, Janny Bear!

As a side note, if you are having a maternity photo session, it is usually best if you have several different outfits and if possible, have a friend, partner, or kid with you. It just mixes up the photos a bit:) Doug had already gone to the first one, and wasn't interested in a girly chat around the lake, so that's why he wasn't along. Often men are not interested or comfortable going into photo shoots, this is totally normal. If they wanted, for a maternity shoot, I could just photograph their hands and arms around the belly so it's super easy to do. Also, almost every man has said `Oh, that was actually fun!' afterwards. It's a lot more about capturing natural connections between you rather than forcing uncomfortable poses. Regardless, I would recommend getting some belly shots, whether they are your own, by a friend, or by me. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the life inside of you and it's a great way to remember how wonderfully pregnant you were.


Maria & Kris Thompson said...

I love the outdoor pics! Nice!

Jackie said...

way to show some skin, Jon! :)
Wow. I can't believe she's 35 weeks! Crazy! Doing good.... :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute shoes!!

jan said...

thanks ldog!
looks great! and it was fun....i dont look that big do i? lol...

Marsalie said...

I was showing Shaylah these pictures and she asked a few funny questions.
S - She has a big belly. Did she eat too much candy?
M - No sweetie, she has a baby in her belly.
S - She ate a baby? (astonishment!)

She could not grasp the concept of pregnancy. :)