Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jack & Joanne's Wedding Day

This wedding was different in so many ways. Gary took 90% of the pictures because I was busy taking care of the kids and being in pictures myself. This was the commitment ceremony for my dad and his new wife Joanne. I hope that my dad has as many years of happiness with Joanne as he did with my mother (she passed away 3 years ago). Joanne's 2 daughters walked her down the aisle while my dad's 5 daughters stood up front for him. Yes, that's 7 girls within 8 years of age.

Watching the slideshow (below). My dad and Joanne had actually dated when they were 15 years old and she knew my mom growing up too.

The flower girls and `ring' bearer (really bearing cars and mini lawnmowers) did a wonderful job. That beautiful boy is my son, Kai.

Congratulations Dad and Joanne!


Maria & Kris Thompson said...

I love the one with Kai and Dad - headlock - so Dad. The facial expressions are soooo fitting in all pictures. Nice Job -- once again! Can't wait to see them all.

Maria said...


Marian V. said...

Very awesome pictures - brings tears to my eyes. What a special day.
The kids were a delight to watch as well.
You definately captured the joy thru the pictures.
Great job!!

Dana said...

One that stood out to me is Jack and Joanne at the reception, looking so relaxed and content. I also like the one in front of the tree where Jack is looking right at camera. Everyone looks great!

kelly ens said...

awesome pictures - love the one of them peeking through the tree.

Joanne said...

Louise & Gary (esp you) you have truly captured the peace and joy we were feeling. So many beautiful shots of the day. Jack says he is proud his daughter has picked up his talents in photography (He made me say it!!!!). We look forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.
Jack & Jo