Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pam, Nolan and Lyra

I've always wanted to do a shoot at Mill Lake so when Pam suggested it, I was excited. It was a bit of an early morning but well worth it because we didn't have to deal with bright sunlight. We just walked around the lake and stopped where Lyra wanted to and took a bunch of photos. Lyra turned one last month, loves puppies and ducks, and has the most amazing blue eyes.


Andrew Willms said...

I love the first image of the family on the dock. It's got a great feel. Good work guys!

kelly ens said...

i love this shoot because it's mill lake through someone else's eyes. i sort of see it the same every day, but this really shows it in another light, so to speak.
great job!

The Bartels said...

The dock picture is gorgeous! Early morning water is so serene. I've never seen Mill Lake look so good. As always Lyra is adorable... Pam and Nolan are too :)