Monday, July 20, 2009

Kris and Kathleen's Wedding Day

On July 18th, Kris and Kathleen celebrated their special day. Their preparations and wedding took place in Cloverdale and then we went down to Stewart Farms and Crescent Beach for their wedding photos. We all had a great time and as usual, I couldn't just pick a few pictures so here are probably way too many:)

Congratulations and all the best to you as you start your lives together in Alberta!


kelly ens said...

personally, don't think it's possible to share too many pictures. i LOVE looking at them all. the more, the better!!! :)
i LOVE the big one of them standing at the beach, from the back. gorgeous!

kelly ens said...

Wait - i meant the one of them kissing on the beach, HER back to the camera :)

Lindsay said...

yes, these are the ones I saw you taking! they're fabulous! good job as usual G&L!

Kathleen Hoeksema said...

You guys did such a wonderful job! We had a great time and the pictures you managed to capture turned out absolutley amazing! Thanks so much again!